The Art of Midwifery

If you look up “midwife” in a dictionary, you’ll find it defined as a person trained to assist in childbirth. For those who welcome midwives into their lives, and for the midwives themselves, it means so much more than that.

At Athens Regional Midwifery Practice, it means someone to learn from, lean on and trust. Our nurse-midwives offer knowledge, a caring relationship, encouragement and support for the whole family throughout a pregnancy and birth. The bond formed is beautiful and appreciated beyond words, time and time again.

In fact, over the past month, the Athens Regional Nurse-Midwives have touched more pregnant bellies than ever before in their 36-year history. They cannot express how grateful they are that so many families have wanted the midwives to help guide them through pregnancy and delivery. Just like the amazing family photo above shows, our team’s happiness and care is evident as a mother is empowered and stays in control of her child’s birth. She is confident. She is glowing.

The midwives would like to thank the many families in this community who support what they do and they look forward to welcoming more of you into their family!

9 thoughts on “The Art of Midwifery

  1. Heather

    My experience with the ARMC midwives has been wonderful from start to (almost) finish. As a nervous, first-time mom, I can’t imagine a more supportive and helpful environment.

  2. Jesslyn

    The midwives are amazing! I feel so grateful to live in a town where pregnant women can get such incredible, sensitive, empowering care. Thanks, Midwives, for everything you do for Athens’ families every day!

  3. Lauren

    We couldn’t be more thankful that we found the midwives of Athens Regional. We stumbled upon them quite coincidentally, but three beautiful births later we feel extraordinarily fortunate that they were there to assist in our births. We recommend them to EVERYONE!!

  4. petitepommeduterre

    I lived in the Athens area for several years and have attended several births as a doula alongside the wonderful midwives at ARMC.
    I am happy to say that each and every birth resulted in healthy, happy babies and parents.

    It has been a joy to witness the conscious care that the midwives have offered to the families that have come to them. The scope of care was consistent throughout the span of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
    The centering groups have provided a genuine oppurtunity for empowerment and community for the expecting couples.

    Well done ladies!!

  5. Leslie

    Aww, this is so nice. We love the midwives! It was a challenging labor, but I had great support. We loved the centering classes too.

  6. Pamela

    The ARMC Midwives are awesome! The best experience I could have wished for, even with challenges, and they were amazing!

  7. Dan Wentworth

    The Midwife center at Athens Regional armed us with the knowledge we needed to have the labor experience we wanted and deserved. Personally, I believe they provide an outstanding service and would refer anyone to them with extreme confidence that they are simply the best.

  8. Monira Silk

    I can not say enough good things about the ARMC midwives. Both my babies were delivered into the safe & loving hands of midwives and I have amazing birth memories because of their help. These women are extremely intelligent, professional and know birth like none other. The Centering Model of care is GENIUS, and we participated twice we loved it so much. Thank you, thank you for offering this support to our community.


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