Lights! Camera! Action!

Preview party for the NICU G.I.F.T. video


Superman a.k.a Jacob

NICU babies and team are heroes

It was a star-studded, red carpet event at Athens Regional Medical Center. Divas toddled in and smiled broadly for the paparazzi. Superman (a.k.a. Jacob) made an appearance. The scene-stealing triplets even had their own toddler-type limousine for the occasion! Athens Regional leadership team and the NICU staff joined in the fun. The little tykes and their families basked in the spotlight as this special cast assembled to view the finished Getting Involved for Tomorrow’s (G.I.F.T.) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) video.

NICU Video participants

Triplet Limo

Personal triumph stories, heartfelt messages of gratitude and tears of joy – this video has it all. Little miracle after little miracle appears on the screen to talk about the life changing experience of being a part of the elite ARMC NICU family. And they are a family. The staff, the parents and, most importantly, the NICU miracles are coming together as one voice to educate others about the NICU – what it does and what it needs to do more. The NICU graduates are appealing to the Athens community for help in making the phenomenal NICU bigger and even better. The littlest and most helpless of ARMC patients need our help. Patients who can’t speak for themselves are relying on other tiny voices to ask for the help they need.


GIFT is Athens Regional’s employee-giving program which has raised almost $4,000,000 since it was organized in 1985. Projects are chosen through evaluating needs of the organization, our community and our patients. Employees donate through payroll deduction each pay period or through direct gifts to the Foundation. Past GIFT projects include the Guest Houses, the mobile mammography unit and new hospital beds – just to name a few. GIFT also funds an ongoing employee disaster relief fund, as well as GIFT grants (awarded to departments for non-budgeted department projects that help our patients/employees). The GIFT project this year is the NICU.  In addition to employee-raised funds, the ARHS Foundation is also seeking community help for this renovation. The tiniest of patients need us all.

Please, watch the video and donate to make a difference.




One thought on “Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. Missy Tolbert

    My son was in the ARMC NICU for 17 days in March of 2008. We would love to support and be part of this event and project. It is very near and dear to us!


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