A Lasting Gift

tilewallA little fellow was born too early. He lived a day. His grandmothers bought a Bundle of Joy for Preemies tile in remembrance of their little grandson. That tile is part of a memory wall in the new ARMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). When they got to see their tile for the first time, they held each other and cried.

Twins spent their first days in the NICU. Though they were loved and cared for, they never made it home. Their father drew a picture in their memory. A simple pencil drawing of a father’s strong hand gently holding a tiny, tiny set of fingers. That picture was part of the Bundle of Joy for Preemies project and now is a tile that will forever serve as a reminder that they were here.

Not all the NICU stories are sad. Some of the Bundle of Joy for Preemies tiles show tiny little babies in need of extra special care and attention during their first day, their first week or even their first months of life. Beside the tile of the little one is a picture of that same tiny bundle beaming a proud, toothless grin with bows in her pigtails holding her soccer trophy. What better offer of hope for families as they sit in the new family consulting room then to see healthy, smiling faces from former little patients?

Some tiles simply say, thank you. The thank you messages are for the NICU staff, the NICU physicians or for fellow NICU parents. These tiles serve as an everlasting tribute to those who care for the tiniest of patients, day in and day out.

A grandmother bought a tile for her healthy grandchild. Yesterday she called to say HOLD THAT TILE to reserve the space beside the one she already bought. Why? She found out she is going to be a grandmother again and wants to honor her new addition. Her grandchildren weren’t NICU babies but had they been she knows how well they would have been cared for.

How special to have a child come back years later with her own bundle of joy to see her artwork displayed as part of a special tribute. Need a special teacher gift?  What about a neighbor gift? Buy a tile and let the Bundle of Joy for Preemies artist create the artwork for you. The tiles serve as permanent gestures of hope, of gratitude or of remembrance. The money raised from the tiles goes toward helping NICU families. A Bundle of Joy for Preemies tile is a gift that truly continues to give.

The Bundles of Joy for Preemies project is simple. Pay $25 and submit artwork or let them provide the artwork. A 4×4 tile is then created and installed on the NICU Family Consulting Room wall. Choose “Experience 2” on Bundles of Joy for Preemies.

2 thoughts on “A Lasting Gift

  1. Christine

    I have preemie bonnets, blankets and a few clothing items that I have crocheted for your NICU. To whom should I send them?


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