Thank a Doctor

Doctors' DayDoctors care for us in our time of need. They work nights, weekends and holidays. They spend years preparing for careers of service and healing. Their focus is on you and your family. Say “thank you” to the remarkable doctors in your life and show them how much you value their commitment to your family’s good health.

For more than 20 years, National Doctors’ Day has been observed on March 30. It is a day that provides an opportunity to express our appreciation to those who improve our lives and the lives of our children through clinical practice and research. 

Make a donation in honor of your doctor to the Athens Regional Foundation. The Foundation will send an acknowledgement letter to each doctor you honor so they know how much you appreciate their special care. The amount of the donation will be kept confidential. You may also enclose a short note of thanks to your doctor or doctors. We will give it to them at their Appreciation Luncheon on Friday, March 28.

The Foundation will also have a display in the lobbies of the Prince I and Talmadge I Towers recognizing the physicians honored through Doctors’ Day donations received by March 26.

Make a contribution online or mail yours to the address below. Please be sure to note which doctor(s) you are thanking. Thank you!

Athens Regional Foundation
1199 Prince Avenue
Athens, GA 30606

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